Wagenspanner - Pram Tensioner Grey White

Wagenspanner - Pram Tensioner Grey White

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Deze stijlvolle wagenspanner is gemaakt van houten, gehaakte en siliconen kralen. Door het belletje en het ringetje dat aan de wagenspanner hangt, maakt deze een zacht geluid speciaal voor jouw baby.


This stylish Pram Tensioner is made of wooden, crocheted and silicone beads. Because of the bell and the ring that hangs on the pram tensioner, it makes a soft sound especially for your baby.

- Approximately 42 cm, making it compatible with almost all cars!
-The wooden beads are made from untreated beech wood.
- The silicone beads are BPA free & tested according to the European safety standard.