Labradoriet armband - Labradorite bracelet

Labradoriet armband - Labradorite bracelet

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Protects against negative influences

Labradorite provides protection and helps you to deal with your increased sensitivity (hormones, menopause). It protects your own energy field (aura) against negative influences from the environment and people who take energy away from you. The stone reduces fear and gives strength, (self) confidence and perseverance. Stimulates imagination and creativity and helps to develop ideas. The stone has a blood pressure lowering and calming effect, regulates the metabolism and has a positive effect on irregular menstruation and menstrual complaints.

Origin: Sri Lanka
Warranty: 3 months
Bead size: 4mm.
Bracelet size: +-18mm
Material: Gemstone, very strong elastic and a gold-filled bead.
Added: Moon Mama bag with meaning card

Edelstenen werken alleen ondersteunend en zijn geen vervangend medicijn. Ze werken als ‘steentje in de rug’. Heb je last van klachten? Raadpleeg dan altijd een arts. Wij delen onze kennis en geven adviezen uit eigen ervaring, maar dit kan bij iedereen anders werken.