Gouden driehoek armband - Golden Triangle bracelet

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- Gemstone, made of extremely strong elastic & MMH logo
- Standard: Linen bag - meaning card NL / ENG. Option Box.
- Beads are +- 4mm.
- c.a. 17,5-18mm


The Golden Triangle is a combination of the gemstones Rock Crystal, Amethyst and Rose Quartz.

Rock crystal (colorless) 'Stone of light' 
Rose quartz (pale pink) 'Loving and soft' 
Amethyst (purple)  'Balance and spiritual calm'

Put these three gems together and they will ensure optimal positive energy flow. The energy of these three stones fits together so well that this wonder has been given the name 'The Golden Triangle'  .

Rose Quartz
This gemstone stands for Love. It gives extra strength to relationships between loved ones & the love for yourself.

  • Helps you open up to give and receive love
  • Strengthen love, with yourself and with others
  • Provides emotional balance to changes
  • Good for sensuality and fertility
  • Calming

This stone is one of the most famous gemstones & a true powerhouse.

  • Exudes peace & pure tranquility, dispels negativity
  • It makes for a lighter head, both in less headache, and less thoughts
  • Is purifying & protective
  • This stone will list your feelings & help you with emotions, traumas and special moments
  • Helps with falling asleep (and staying asleep) & fewer nightmares

Rock crystal      
Perhaps the most important gemstone of the spectrum, because it stands for Self Love.

  • Translucent mineral can be penetrated with light & converts negative energy into positive energy
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Promotes concentration & helps against nausea
  • Dispels fears & reduces mood swings
  • Makes strong-willed & gives courage