Baltic Amber bracelet - Newborn 12 cm

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Baltic Amber bracelet - 'Bracelet with a meaning'

The cutest little bracelet for your baby. Did you know that amber bracelets don’t just look cute, but also have a wonderful function? Namely, amber relieves teething pain. This is caused by succinic acid, which is released by the warmth of the skin.


Baltic amber is fossilized tree resin, originating from 44 million years old conifer trees from Scandinavia. So even though it might look like stone, it is actually petrified resin. It is light, not cold and feels good on the skin.


The baby bracelet (14 cm) generally will fit until the baby is three years old, but every little arm is different and measuring is knowing. To check if the size is right you can cut a little rope at the same length and try it on your child. Note: by wearing the amber jewellery the knots between the beads could be pulled tighter, causing the necklace or bracelet to widen in time.


The amber bracelets are hand-made in Lithuania. For safety reasons, they are constructed in a way that too much pressure will cause them to break. Furthermore, each bead is knotted separately, preventing all beads to come loose at the same time (with the risk of your child swallowing them) when the bracelet breaks. Super handy! The amber bracelet easily can be fastened with a twist lock.


General safety instructions: ‘children younger than three should not wear the jewellery without supervision of adults, because it contains small parts.’ This also counts for wearing the amber bracelets.


Produced in: Lithuania
Quality mark: certified amber
Length: 14 cm
Material: amber
Kind of amber: polished
Colour: brandy